Welcome to Galeria Latina

We started collecting folk art when travelling in Latin America more than 25 years ago, and soon opened a small shop in Quito selling folk art and handicrafts from the artists we have personally met in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and other countries across South-America. What started like a hobby evolved into our main occupation: promoting art and fashion made by local artisans. In the course of time we have expanded our collection and size of our store significantly, and today, for instance, employ a number of silversmiths in our atelier in Quito which design handmade silver jewelry inspired by Andean designs.

Besides the silver art made in-house, we have a large collection of silver sculptures made by famous artists including Joaquin Tinta for example, along with silver sculptures from Peru which are equally beautiful and something you should really look at when visiting our store. Along with the silver jewelry has our Alpaca fashion collection been a great success ever since we have started selling Alpaca sweaters and other Alpaca wear including socks and ponchos imported directly from Bolivia.

We are also proud to have a huge collection of Maximo Laura’s tapestry here in our store in Quito. The works of the master textile artist definitively takes wall hangings and rugs inspired by Latin American motives to the next level. If you like the tapestry designed by Maximo Laura, then you will probably also be fond of our natural dyed weavings from various artists including the famous Peruvian Edmundo Huarancca Gutierrez, whose colorful works can bring warmth and ambiance to every home, not only in South-America.

When visiting us you will also find wonderful ceramics from Ecuador and Peru for example. Not only do we have a huge collection of pottery made by the woman of the Canelos Quichua indigenous people living in the Oriente region of Ecuador, but we also take pride to be able to show numerous works by Pablo Seminario, whose colorful ceramic bear images related to the pre-Colombian era and have similarity with the iconography of Paracas and Nazca.

Also from Ecuador do we have a great collection of iguanas and other animals modern-style sculptures made of recycled metal. These sculptures crafted by the celebrated artist Miguel Illescas have bright colors and a surrealistic touch. When visiting our store make sure to pay an eye to these unique works designed by the “The Iguana Man” Miguel Illescas, whose modern-style sculptures enjoy a huge demand – worldwide.

Among other folk art we have discovered and collected in over 25 years do baskets made by the Wounaan and Embera indigenous people of Panama deserve special mention. These Panama baskets also known as Hösig Di are wonderful interior decoration objects, which can be perfectly combined with molas from Colombia to decorate rooms and homes in Andean style, along with retablos from Peru if you like.

Along the same lines will you find decorated gourds in all forms and sizes, beautifully carved and painted by selected artisans we personally know. Combine these with the modern-style animal sculptures made of tagua and the paintings drawn on palm ivory to have the perfect gift or souvenir to take home. Walk around in our store to encounter many more folk art items and jewelry from Latin America you will definitively like.

Thanks for visiting our website. We are looking forward to seeing you in our shop in the Mariscal district in Quito Ecuador. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our huge collection of art and jewelry from Latin America including objects you can’t find anywhere else.