Panama Hats

Contrary to popular belief, Panama Hats actually come from Ecuador. Handmade from “paja toquilla” a natural fiber cultivated in the Andes, these hats are woven by hand by communities in the province of Azuay. Weaving these hats is a skill passed down from generation to generation. We collaborate with these communities to bring hats of the best quality. A timeless accessory and fashion staple throughout the world.


Our jewelry collection is all hand-worked by skilled artisans in Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico. We offer pieces in silver or combined with semi-precious stones. All our pieces have a grade of 925 sterling or higher.


We offer a range of handbags, some of which are manufactured locally with different materials and textiles. The traditional Ecuadorian “Shigra” made from resistant cabuya fiber is a top-seller of cultural significance. We also have fine leather bags paired with Latin American textiles, and woven cotton bags from the Wayuu in Colombia.