Maximo Laura is an award-winning tapestry weaver from Ayacucho, Peru. He is internationally recognized as one of South America's preeminent and most unique textile artists. His work integrates and synthesizes ancestral weaving techniques, symbols, memories, myths, and rituals. He utilizes contemporary art and color to create incredible masterpieces while maintaining the historical integrity of this ancient craft.


Edmundo Huarancca was born in Ayacucho, Peru, home to some of the most talented weavers in the world. Edmundo's tapestries are made with 100% alpaca wool and inspired by designs used in the pre -columbian era, such as animals, Inca symbols, and geometric shapes. Edmundo's signature three-dimensional effect, called "sun and shadow" or "sol y sombra" is achieved by the calculated combination of light and dark colors throughout the tapestry. Each design is worked carefully in a loom from memory; Huarancaa does not use drawings or templates.


Our patchworks are embroidered by a collective of Peruvian women who use this artform as a means to sustain their families.  This form of expression through popular art depicts scenes of daily life in the Andes.  Over time we have also asked them to re-create ocean scenes to depict the amazing wildlife found in the Galapagos Islands. 


Ecuadorian & Bolivian Textiles

For those seeking older traditional textiles we have a small collection of authentic hand-woven Ecuadorian Ponchos as well as Aymara textiles from the Bolivian highlands.