It all started when...

Peter and Carmen met in the 80s, she was working at an antique gallery in Quito, Ecuador  and he was backpacking his way through South America. They were an odd pairing; a classic Ecuadorian beauty and a European hippy. It was ultimately their mutual love for Latin American art that drew them to each other. In 1986 they decided to join forces and open Quito’s first high-end handicraft and folk art store. Over the years they travelled Latin America together, curating the best and rarest of artifacts.  Along the way they cultivated and strengthened their relationships with the artisans. 

Galeria Latina was established with the aim to conserve the richness of Andean folk art and share it with others. We invite you to experience the beauty and historical importance of Andean folk art.

Galeria Latina has been promoting tribal and Latin American art for over 30 years. Not only have we been able to gain a reputation as renowned folk art gallery, but we have also succeeded in improving the socioeconomic status of the artisans who have closely worked with us over the years.

The cultural richness of the Andean people lives in the work being produced today.

Our Story...

We started Galeria Latina in 1986, as a result of our combined passion for art.  We started collecting folk art and handicrafts while travelling around Latin America more than 30 years ago.  We soon opened a small shop in Quito selling the work of the artists we had personally met in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and other countries across South America.

What started as a hobby soon evolved into our main occupation: promoting art and fashion made by local artisans. In the course of time we have expanded our collection and the size of our store significantly.  Today our products are offered throughout Latin America in Panama, Mexico, The Galapagos Islands, and Quito.

In the early years we focused primarily on the Andean region due to our fascination with textiles and the relationships we had built with local artists throughout our early travels.  As the gallery grew we ventured further to look for new artisans, which led us to Panama and Mexico.

As our business grows and we look to expand into new locations, the original goal remains the same: to offer artisan made, original designs of the highest quality.   Today Galeria Latina works with some of the most talented and skillful artisans from around Latin America. Each product reflects years of learning and dedication of each artisan who has developed their craft to the point where it is today.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our huge collection of art and jewelry from Latin America including objects you can’t find anywhere else.

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