How are they made?

Whether it is tapestry wall hangings or any other form of art tapestry, each work is treated with equal importance. The designs are first conceived and painted by Laura, which is then transformed to cartoon or line drawing. The measurement of the final tapestry determines the size of the line drawing. Once the cartoon drawing is complete, it is then transformed to cotton warp threads. Then the color blending process of the tapestries is conducted to achieve the perfect color and design of the artwork. Laura tapestries are generally done on Alpaca fibers but sometimes it is blended with silk, cotton and Llama.

Blending is done depending on the designs and color effect that is to be produced. Once everything is finalized, the tapestries are then hand woven by skilled artisans in the workshop of Maximo Laura. Works are done under the supervision of the artist himself, which leaves negligible chances of any sort of mistake. As the works are done only in the workshop of the artist, each artwork is available in limited numbers or unique. Thus, authentic tapestries of Laura are sold by few stores. We have a wide variety of wall décor and wall tapestry created by Maximo Laura. Each product offered by us bears the authenticity certificate of Laura. Therefore, someone who is planning to increase the aesthetic appeal of his home can surely trust us.