Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca wool, the term is synonymous to comfort, warmth and elegance. Made with the finest quality fibers, alpaca clothing is used in Andean countries for warding off the chills of winter. Though alpaca fiber appears to be similar to sheep's wool, it is actually much finer. It's also non-prickly, silky and durable with a touch of luxury. Depending on the spin as well as designs of the garments, alpaca clothing is available in a wide range of choices, from inexpensive sweaters to high quality baby alpaca coats.


Why Is Alpaca Clothing so Popular?

Alpaca wear has been a popular choice for several decades. Due to the warmth and comfort provided by this fiber, it's use dates back to the time of the Incas. Nowadays, its popularity has expanded beyond the Andes. Alpaca wool has a huge demand across the globe, the fiber has conquered the fashion world with alpaca clothing. Alpaca fiber comes in more than twenty natural colors, which makes it a well-accepted item for making fashion clothes as well as daily wear. The fiber is extremely soft and its lightweight helps in carrying or wearing at ease. Even though it is lightweight, it is suitable for wearing in extremely chilly weather, which makes it a great buy.

Some alpaca sweaters or coats can be a bit heavy, as the weight of the garments often depend on the type of spun that users select. This is also a reason, which adds to the popularity of alpaca. The best part is, alpaca is free from any sort of hypoallergenic and lanolin. Thus, it makes the garments suitable for everyone, even for kids. Many people prefer to wear alpaca clothes for its eco-friendly character and resistant quality. Owing to the increasing demand of alpaca wear including hats and coats, we offer a huge collection of these items along with alpaca jackets, coats, and sweaters for men, women and children. Thus, if you are looking for buying the perfect Andean outfit you have come to the right place.

Alpaca Clothing for Men

Alpaca sweaters, coats, hats, gloves and socks make an excellent choice for men for its natural rain resistant quality. Even if it gets wet somehow, it offers adequate warmth to the wearer, making it suitable for men who are exposed to rough weather conditions. For its odor resistant feature, alpaca socks also enjoy great demand among men, who have to remain on fields throughout the day. Be it an alpaca coat or gloves, it is wrinkle free. Thus, it can be used by men at ease. Alpaca clothes also form an excellent gift option for men.


Alpaca Clothing for Women

Alpaca fiber is suited for one and all. Alpaca poncho is in demand among students and young women. Available in multiple colors, ponchos form an excellent piece of fashion without compromising with the warmth required for protecting the wearer, even in extreme colds. Ponchos are loosely fitted garments worn by women and can be a good choice for parties or hangouts, too. Apart from ponchos, alpaca coats for women as well as alpaca sweaters also form popular choice for women of all ages. Alpaca socks, alpaca gloves, scarves, hats and different other accessories for women are also available at our store.

The availability of multiple color options in alpaca fiber makes it a good choice for style conscious ladies, who are looking for the perfect winter outfit for every occasion. To get hold of the best alpaca clothing for women, you just need come over to our fashion and folk art shop. By visiting us in the Mariscal in Quito you can also find a variety of choices on alpaca dresses for summer. If you want to get the warmth and comfort of these lightweight fibers in the summer months, you will certainly find the right pick in our summer alpaca collection.