Sculptors of Ecuador

The art and craft works of Ecuador have a long history. People living in the rainforest region have practiced different types of art works with the raw materials available in the forest region since ages. Yet, Ecuador also has a number of modern-style artists which belong to the top of Latin American art creators. Among them is Miguel Illescas, who is popularly called, “The Iguana Man” – one of the most respectable sculpture artists of Ecuador whose works delight people across the globe.

Miguel Illescas

Miguel Illescas, the great self-trained artists and nature lover uses recycled metal for the making of different sculpture pieces. The designs created by the Ecuadorian artist have a surrealistic touch; mostly sculptures of animals but also art work portraying human beings, as well as different other objects. Not just the surrealistic appeal, but also the bright color contrast of the works makes the art of Miguel Illescas unique.

Joaquin Tinta

Joaquin Tinta is known for his creative brilliance, and the artist has conducted several exhibitions in different parts of the world, where he has displayed his original crafts works including modern-style silver sculptures and silver jewelry. Apart from silver art, he also works on different stones and other metals.

Besides his original designs, he has also captured some designs of Oswaldo Guayasamin in his art. Though he has received huge praises for his works, he still prefers to practice in the Ecuadorian town of Sangolqui under the guidance of his ancestors.